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The stardust formula is extremely detailed and in depth, both from a scientific and an emotional/psychological point. Subliminals that are more mindset/lifestyle related, usually only focus more on the emotional psychological part, that's why they tend to be slightly cheaper than beauty/physical subliminals.

The emotional and psychological part goes about creating deep rooted positive feelings and associations with your desires, as well as creating the feeling of completeness, as if it was already undeniably yours, it does as well focusing on establishing connections with the physical reality, basically turning it an irrefutable fact and factually stating it is as real as your reality as, for example, the sky being blue or grass being green are. This also has affirmations that include the desire being undeniable and your destiny/fate. It also promotes feeling happy and loving your desire.

This is the most common formula on my channel as of now and also the most common one requested in paid subliminals.

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