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Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called sixth sense, is a claimed paranormal ability pertaining to reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed with the mind. This formula will not actually give you these abilities (unless you truly desire them), but rather will simulate them within the context of your results and your manifestations.

Telepathy: with this formula, you will be telepathically and subconsciously sending to and receiving from others affirmations/messages that match exactly your desires, affirming your manifestation into reality faster. Example: If you want to manifest a glow up, you will be constantly emitting the signal of "I'm so beautiful" and others will transmit to you the thought that they find you beautiful the exact same way you want.

Clairvoyance: you will be receiving images in your mind that correspond to you having your desire as if it was happening right now/as if it was a prediction that you cannot change.

Claircognizance: have a deep knowing that all of what you want is already yours regardless of anything. This knowledge is absolutely strong and intuitive, something you cannot shake off and that you are 100% sure of. This is even stronger than simply living in the end/state of fulfillment.

Clairsentience: have the constant feeling that what you desire is true/yours already. You can feel it in your body and mind and through your emotions. You can feel the energetic field of your desire and access it, feeling it already connected with yours.

Clairaudience: be able to hear confirmation of your desires as true. This will make people around you comment on the things you want from a perspective of living in the end. If you are manifesting money, for example, they'll comment "you look like you are a millionaire" and this will be seeded in your brain quickly. Your thoughts will also be wired into naturally matching the state of you having your desires, almost as if you had angels whispering positive affirmations into your ear.

Prophetic Dreams: Every night you will dream of having your desires/manifestations already. These dreams can be literal or symbolic (so try to research the meaning of any symbolisms that appear). This will ingrain it deeper into the subconscious mind.

Psychokinesis: your mind has the absolute power to impact and change objects/scenarios/things just by using its power without any use of physical energy. You will be able to bend reality and your desired circumstances into whatever you'd like, making everything you want to manifest appear before your eyes.

Precognition: always know that all the upcoming events in your life are always working out in your favor and developing exactly how you want them to. This becomes a deep solid gut feeling that everything will go how you want and is right now going how you want.

Retrocognition: all the past events that have happened were simply the bridge of incidents and were happening all in your favor, which has brought your manifestation to you right now at this moment.

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