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The CX-111 Formula is the descendant of the stardust formula, which means it has many aspects in common with it, but is way more advanced and powerful affirmation wise.

The stardust formula is still great and powerful on its own, so you can still use it all you want.

Explaining the CX-111 Formula:

Just like the Stardust Formula, the CX-111 Formula is extremely detailed in every single area you can imagine (physically/anatomically, emotionally and psychologically). Every single topic is researched in depth in order to provide you with the most anatomically and psychologically accurate and detailed affirmations.

The emotional related part of the formula is present in every single topic, physical or not. It focuses on making you feel fully fulfilled, as if your desires were already there and makes you feel happy/satisfied for already having your manifestations in the present, basically convincing your brain and subconscious that you already have your desires by creating the sensations and emotions that you would experience by obtaining them. By creating these feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction, it also boosts your positive thoughts and helps those who are following a mental diet.

Not only this, but it goes into detail to help you use all and any of your emotions and helps you subconsciously or consciously focus and direct those emotions and energy towards your manifestations.

Besides this, similar to the Stardust Formula, the CX-111 Formula will also focus on establishing associations between your desires and reality/facts. It works on the basis of turning your manifestation into an irrefutable fact and also comparing it being true just as much as the sky being blue and grass being green are. It makes whatever you are trying to manifest an unavoidable fact that cannot, something that you can't run away from, something that is part of your destiny, basically.

Now, this is where it starts to change further than the stardust formula.

The CX-111 formula is composed of many layers. The first layer is the one that is similar to the stardust formula, the one I just explained.

The second layer focuses on compliments.

Let's say you are trying to get a prettier face, this layer will be solely focused on complimenting your face and you in general. Stuff like "you are absolutely beautiful!" "Oh my god, how do you have such a beautiful face!" "What is your beauty secret?" "You always look so amazing!", "you are so worthy and deserving of your beauty!"

The third layer is basically a guided meditation. It focuses on making your whole self suggestible to the positive affirmations and energy that comes from the subliminal. By whole self, I don't mean just your subconscious mind, but also your conscious mind and your whole energetic/spiritual layers, like the emotional body, the physical body, your DNA, your celestial body, etc. All of these will be directly affected by the affirmations you are listening to, without it being necessary for them to enter and root themselves into your subconscious mind. This, because everything is made of energy, the affirmations that are coming from the audio are also energy and energy can impact and influence energy by just interacting with and this, on its own. So, this uses that energetical part of the affirmations to give you results faster. This will make those parts of you basically enter a meditative/hypnosis/relaxed state without you actually having to enter that state. The way the affirmations are written here are similar to a guided meditation. You will still be able to multitask, but I don't recommend driving and operating potentially dangerous machinery while using this formula.

The fourth layer will be focused on using your own power within and connecting to it to fuel your manifestation and state of being. This connects you to what is usually called the intuitive self/consciousness and helps you live in the self-fulfilled state that brings results. It fully melts off any type of attachments, fears, worries and doubts, using nothing but your own power. It also makes it so that all subliminals and affirmations (only the desired ones) work for you faster than an instant, regardless of your mindset, doubts, beliefs or self-concept. It also includes affirmations that manifest results for everyone else who uses that subliminal.

The fifth layer is inspired by my Chronos Booster. Basically this makes it so that one listen = 10 million listens. 10 minutes using this subliminal = 10 million hours using it. You get the thrill of the thing.

To all these layers, there can sometimes be a sixth layer that involves directing energy healing towards you with the intention of the subliminal. The sixth layer is only available for paid requests, so it won’t be added to my public subliminals.

You can listen to subliminals with this formula 2x times max if you don’t get easily overwhelmed, but if you do, only use it 1x per day. Take a break anytime you feel overwhelmed or have a headache.

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1 Comment

Strawberry xx
Strawberry xx
Aug 08, 2023

I've bought this formula from Cee and it's insanely effective! ✨️✨️✨️


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