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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. This uses my stardust formula, the version of the formula that is used specificlaly for paid requests.


benefit summary:

- have perfectly lifted breasts

- breasts that are beautiful, firm and healthy

- breasts that have perfect elasticity and youthfulness

- immunity to breast sagging

- breasts are always perfectly high on the chest

- breast skin is absolutely firm and healthy

- breasts always look as they would if you were using a bra

- fully heal bixamillary protrusion

- maxilla and mandible are perfectly aligned

- side profile is perfectly aligned

- maxilla and mandible only have the perfect projection

- have a beautiful, perfect and healthy side profile projection

- beautiful, perfectly developed maxilla and mandible

- perfect dentoalveolar position of the dental arches

- immune to any type of convex side profile

- breathe perfectly through nose and never through mouth

- perfect tongue position

"Rayana" Lifted Breasts + Heal Bixamillary Protrusion Combo


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