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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on because it is too specific for a wide audience, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. Just like every subliminal on my website, this subliminal is being sold at a cheaper price than what it originally costed. This subliminal uses my CX-111 formula, which is my newest and most powerful formula to date, on which I worked on for 5 months straight. 



Have a super positive, supportive and deeply protective following internationally that grows over time even once you’ve passed on

Quickly grow massive followings on various social media pages 

Break records and achieve massive success that is reflected in earnings, followings and sales and other forms of measured success 

Be seen as gorgeous, lovely and enjoyable to be around internationally and a positive influence on society

Be featured on magazine covers, in newspapers and other forms of international media, always looking very flattering and always spoken of positively 

Create programs, initiatives and products that help people worldwide 

Inspire people positively worldwide 

Be awarded prestigious awards from around the world 

Be celebrated by other celebrities and icons worldwide 

Do no wrong in the eyes of people around the world and have people defend you constantly when faced with negativity

Have a legacy that stands the test of time and be celebrated and well represented long after you pass away 

Be seen as someone with bold and fresh perspectives- a total innovator and pioneer

Collaborate with incredibly talented and iconic positive people and entities

Be seen as legendary and a positive influence by marginalized groups 

Be able to be one of the worlds most loved people but also have a deeply private life and be able to enjoy that privacy

Deeply respect yourself and treat yourself with immense support and positivity

See yourself as an icon proudly without being selfish or conceited and always remain grounded and able to relate to many people 

Trust your vision and have millions of supporters that trust your vision too

Be proud of your success and have people you can truly trust in your inner circle that never would betray you 

Be able to share your success with people you love, that truly love you back 

Be always protected from stalkers and those that mean to harm you, treat you negatively or use you

Have fans make positive projects inspired by you and do good in your name 

Be always credited for your positive contributions to society and in personal relationships 

Liberate and inspire millions worldwide 

Have a gorgeous face and body that is sought after and hired for billboards and campaigns around the world

Have other legendary and iconic people around the world support you and be apart of your fanbase

Have Beautiful homes around the world and be awarded title of icon or hero around the world 

Be able to communicate and relate to people all around the world

Be seen as joyful, kind, funny and endlessly beautiful physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 

People get so much life and joy when they see you or your picture and they always treat you with tremendous respect worldwide 

Be highly valued and paid high sums for your time and presence around the world 

Have your products and associated projects make bestsellers lists or be regarded as experiences you cannot miss. 

Never harm anyone on the planet with your work or presence 

Never feel trapped in your life and enjoy it truly to the fullest and always be thankful and grateful 

Break evil trends, cycles and negativity with your work and your presence 

Be loved deeply for the support you give others 

Be able to efficiently balance your time and energy in a healthy fashion that always leaves you invigorated not depleted

Never absorb the comments and behaviors of negative people and actions

Be able to transmute negativity into positive experiences and inner wellbeing 

Have a deeply happy and satisfying long-term relationship and a partner that can always support you and is never intimidated by you

Have a long term partner you respect and love to be around who also does positive, impactful, genius and iconic work and is gorgeous, kind, loving, positively protective and always supportive

Have a deeply supportive and protective family and friends that would never betray you

Be able to share wealth with family without anyone taking advantage of you

Enjoy a long life with no health issues

Be able to start a happy family if that is your desire 

Be able to tackle any problem or comment on challenging issues with grace, humility and humor

Always look absolutely stunning no matter the time or place and be photographed or seen on camera or in real life as such

"Penelope" Beauty, Fame and Life Combo


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