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This is a paid subliminal that is too specific to be posted on my channel for public use, but you can now purchase it here if it matches your desires. This uses my stardust formula, the version of it that is exclusively used for paid requests. 


You can order your own custom subliminal by emailing your desired benefits to



- be an absolute creative genius with no comparison

- be an absolutely amazing singer

- have a beautiful singing voice and singing technique

- be loved by the whole world as a singer

- be the biggest and most successful rapper in the world

- be the world's most famous superstar ever

- be more famous than Michael Jackson

- be an extremely loved and respected politician

- be a master of mass mobilization

- become leader of your ideal political party

- create a perfect political, economic, sociological and psychological system for your Ideology

- become the president of the USA for as many terms as you desire

- become a multimillionaire

- become founder, CEO and shareholder of your desired companies

"Naya" Money, Career + Life Combo


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