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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel. This was made with my stardust formula. It was made with water sounds. It is 10 minutes long.



straight, aligned, perfect teeth

teeth that are absolutely white and clean

perfect bite (gets rid of over/under bites)

symmetrical and perfectly aligned jaw

have a good, fresh breath

beautiful, perfect smile in every angle

smile that makes you look beautiful

healthy mouth, teeth, tongue and gums

immune to cavities and tartar

absolute oral health + hygiene

immunity to any type of tonsil stones

healthy perfect pink tongue

be a great amazing kisser

know how to touch partner while kissing

be extremely powerful, respected, well liked

be funny and always make amazingly great jokes

everybody wants to go to your parties + to be your friend

everybody invites you to parties

more popular than Regina George

get along with everyone

have a perfect reputation

immune to being disrespected/getting mean comments

people are nice to you and respect you

become close to your desired people

everyone loves talking to you

great amazing communication skills

know how to keep conversation topics going

be interesting to talk to 

be absolutely charming + charismatic

people pay attention to what you say

your friends' families like you and respect you

socialize with ease

immune to being alone when you want company

immune to being humilliated or made fun of

have a powerful, remarkable presence

improve friendships + relationships

be trusted

-give amazing speeches

immune to crying when angry or in debates/arguments

always win arguments

have good comebacks + always know how to answer

know how to set your boundaries

have perfect even skin

skin immune to getting sun burnt/damaged

immune to scars + cellulite

body + face that are hairless (excluding scalp/head, eyebrows, eyelashes)

skin that is naturally moisturized + hydrated

perfectly even toned knees and armpits

feminine armpits

absolutely clean skin and body

always be well educated

-manners are absolutely amazing

-be respectful towards others

-know etiquette rules perfectly

-have amazing table manners

-always eat in a classy way

-always look good eating

-use the tablewear perfectly

-be a good, amazing person

-beautiful, feminine, small back

-small, feminine beautiful shoulders

-defined, feminine collarbones

-feminine upper body

-smooth, straight 90º degree shoulders

-ideal, pretty, cute back/upper good for your body type

-healthy, fast, high metabolism

-be perfectly slim thick

-feminine skinny slim arms

-elegant, pretty neck

-perfectly sized, shaped symmetrical breasts

-beautiful, gorgeous breasts

-toned, flat, slim abdomen

-absolutely immune to bloating

-ideal, slim, curvy, small waist

-symmetrical, lifted, perfect butt lift

-full, round, ideal hips

- immune to hip dips

-feminine legs + knees

- 23.5cm long feminine feet

-beautiful, feminine toes

-body always looks beautiful and sexy

-immune to pedophiles

-immune to attracting family members

-immune to creeps, stalkers, weirdos

-immune to people trying to touch you without consent

-people always respect your boundaries

-all clothes you like look good on you

-find clothes that fit your body

-symemtrical body

-perfect posture + walk

-healthy, resistant, strong nails

-nails that are always clean

-perfect eyelid crease

-symmetrical beautiful eyebrows + eyes

-remove unwanted eyebrow hairs

-desired eyebrow shape, eyelids + eyes

-perfect, symmetrical nose

-have a beautiful elegant nose hump

-nose perfectly fits your face

-seduce anyone you desire 

-know how to do your makeup perfectly

-look amazing with dark makeup + dark clothing

-you and your siblings care about your parents

-you and your siblings are always safe when you go out

-you and siblings are responsible

-you and siblings are always safe at parties, hangouts, etc.

-everyone respects your house and property

-people respect and trust your parents

-parents encourage you and make you happy

-parents are loyal to each other

-parents are successful 

-parents take care of themselves

-whole family is intelligent

-all pets are healthy and happy

-immune to any type of burnout

-have the best handwriting

-always get amazing class schedules

-always get fun respectful classmates

-play chess like Beth Harmon

-play volleyball perfectly

-amazing swimmer, pianist, natural leader

-always dance like a professional

-know how to twerk perfectly

-drive any car perfectly

-immune to accidents and crashing

-be the best driver ever

-drive safely without fear

-people respect your car

-family is always safe while driving

-family is immune to accidents and crashings

-healthy, soft, silky manageable scalp hair

-scalp hair that is immune to tangles

-scalp hair that is immune to frizz

-hair smells good and is hydrated

-hair always looks done and perfect

-gorgeous baby hairs

-hair always look beautiful on ponytails

-have your ideal curls

-hair always looks clean

-hair immune to excessive oil 

-look flawless with your hair down and up

-hair looks amazing in buns

-every hairstyle fits you

-style hair better than professionals

-know how to handle situations maturely

-know how to speak for yourself

-good money management skills

-good mental + physical health

-be emotionally healed

-cells, organs and neurons are healthy

-perfect brain

-immune to being hacked

-emotional intelligence

-everywhere you go is cleaned

-be disciplined

-be super clean and hygienic

-be always fresh and clean

-always smell good

-perfume always lasts a long time on you

-lose fear of bugs/insects and spiders

-meditate perfectly

-always be spiritual protected

-room always has positive good energies

-organized, elegant, beautiful house

-lucid dream perfectly

-be a master manifestor

-immune to people reading your mind

-use the law of assumption perfectly

-use the EIYPO theory perfectly

-handle your reality perfectly

-only manifest good things

-subliminals work super fast for you

-only get your desired results

-block any result you dont want

-always have the best holidays/travels

-always receive candy on halloween regardless of age

-have a life full of fun

-animal abuse + climate change stop existing

-pollution and poverty stop existing

-humans respect animals

-all countries are financially stable, happy and free

-countries eliminate corruption  and become safer

- immune to ear wax

-headphones never fall while you sleep

-perfect digestion

-pronounce every word perfectly

-self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence

-immune to envy

-friends are strong, independent, rich, successful, respected, healthy + happy

-friends have stability + self-love

"Mia" Life, Beauty, Body, Money, Health Combo


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