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This subliminal was a paid custom request that won't be uploaded on my channel, as it is too specific, but that you can now buy it here if it matches you desires. This was made with my stardust formula, the version of it that is exclusively used in my custom requests. 


if you want a custom request, please email me to



- marry your dream partner

- be happily married to your dream partner

- manifest a husband who is tall and handsome

- your husband is loyal to you and very rich

- have beautiful healthy twins with your husband

- create your own beauty brand

- have an extremely successful beauty brand

- own a lot of real estate and be good at managing it

- be a successful and well claimed real estate owner

- have extremely successful and happy children

- have an extremely healthy pregnancy (only for when/if you ever get pregnant)

- deeply love yourself and give yourself everything you need

- have a beautiful healthy family life

- have a successful, happy and wealthy life

- husband spoils you and loves you deeply

- husband treats you better than anyone has ever treated you

- have the best lifestyle possible

- manifest anything you desire extremely easily

- release any type of attachments to your manifestations

- successful career with constant promotions

- extreme luck in all areas of your life

- extreme happiness and abundance

"Maria" Life, Money + Personality Combo


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