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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This was made with my stardust formula and is extremely detailed and powerful. 



- DNA that makes you have the exact facial features, facial bones and facial structure

- same face, facial bones, facial structure, facial muscles, facial bone position, facial proportions, facial length and width, face shape, facial dimensions

- same skull, head, head size, head shape, head width and length

- same facial features, facial features' size, distance from each other, facial features ratio, shape and position

- same supraorbital ridge, maxillary bone, frontal bone, zygomatic bones, temporal bones, parietal bones, ethmoid bone, vomer, occipital bone, mental tuberosity bone + many other bones in the affirmations

- same hairline, forehead, forehead width, size, shape, prominence and length

- same eyebrows, eyebrow shape, eyebrow width, thickness, eyebrow arch and tail, eyebrow head and body, eyebrow tuffed and vellus hair, stuble and terminal hair + even more detailed affirmations for eyebrows

- same eyelashes, eyelash length, thickness, shape + even more detailed affirmations for eyelashes

- same eyeshape, eye size, eye length, height and width, eye ratio and distance, eyelids, eyelid shape, eyelid prominence, height, size, length and width, eyelid crease, upper and lower lash line, outer v, waterline, tear ducts, inner and outer corners, medial canthus, lateral canthus, canthal tilt, superior papebral fold, epicanthus, irises size, length, width, upper lid fold, sulcus, crease, outer lid, inner lid, middle lid, nasojugal groove and eyelid-cheek junction

- same cheekbones, cheekbone prominence, size, shape, width and length

- same side profile, sellion and pogonion

- maxilla width, shape, length and prominence

- same nose size, height, length, size, shape, width, prominence, nose bridge; nose tip size, angle, prominence, length, height and width; all nose bones, nose cartilages, tissues, angles and parts, + even more detailed affirmations for the nose

- same nasofrontal, nasomental, mentocervical, nasolabial, nasofacial, columella labial angles

Look Exactly like Brian Whittaker


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