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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be uploaded on my channel as it is too specific for public use, but that you can now purchase here at a cheaper price than what it originally costed. This was made using the version of my stardust formula that is only used in custom subliminals.


You can order your own custom subliminal by emailing me your desired benefits to



  • be confident in yourself
  • fully believe in yourself and your abilities.
  • be a quick learner
  • learn everything extremely easily and quickly
  • be very intelligent/a bordeline genius 
  • learn absolutely anything you put your mind on.
  • have a main character beauty
  • be extremely beautiful
  • feel beautiful
  • be perceived as a very beautiful woman
  • have a natural leader persona
  • be highly successful in everything you do
  • All you do is win
  • be irreplaceable and feel irreplaceable.
  • be successful in investments 
  • be worthy and good enough and feel that way all the time.
  • never doubt myself and your worth.
  • be respected and loved by people around you
  • people around you are naturally very caring and supportive towards you
  • people around you are very helpful, open and genuine
  • always perceived positively by others
  • communicate with people easily
  • have perfect communication skills
  • have a sharp memory 
  • easy to remember things
  • master at manifesting
  • always believe in your manifesting skills.
  • manifest your desires no matter the feelings or emotions you have
  • never manifest your fears 
  • Anything and everything is possible for you to achieve and learn
  • speak lots of languages fluently
  • speak your desired languages with the proper accent
  • always look beautiful and good on pictures
  • be extremely photogenic and videogenic
  • never experience negative purges while manifesting
  • always see positive movement or evidence while manifesting

"Kaisla" Beauty, Personality, Life Combo


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