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This is a paid request that won't be uploaded on my channel because it is too specific for it, but that you can now buy it here if it matches what you desire. This uses my heaven's blessing formula.


you can order your own custom request by emailing me to



- be absolutely happy

- find true happiness within

- be outgoing with other people

. always be caring, kind and positive

- extremely flexible body

- forget and move on from the past 

- stop farting excessively

- only fart the minimal amount neccessary to maintain good health

- stop sweating excessively

- only sweat the minimal amount neccessary to maintain good health

- beautiful small and slim feet

- love cleaning and tidying up the house

- stop procrastining and be more productive

- be naturally tanned all year long without any sun exposure

"Iolani" Body, Personality + Life Combo


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