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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This uses my stardust formula.



•Boyfriend is able to forget and heal his emotional trauma
•Boyfriend is mentally and emotionally happy
•Boyfriend is fully healed from trust issues in the relationship
•Boyfriend is able to open up and express emotions to you without being anxious or paranoid
•Boyfriend is able to feel genuinely happy without fearing the worst afterwards
•Boyfriend is ready to move in together without anxiety
•Boyfriend is fully healed from relationship traumas experienced in the past
Boyfriend lets go of emotional pain in the past
•Boyfriend lets you in and is able to accept your help, emotionally
•Have the ability to make your boyfriend feel at ease
•Have an extremely healthy communication in the relationship
•Have the ability to comfort him emotionally
•Relationship heals both of you emotionally
•Boyfriend is fully healed from abandonment issues
•The more time you spend together, the more he is free from his emotional anxiety
•Have transparency and trust in the relationship
•Relationship pushes you two to be better people
•Heal both of your childhood and familial issues
•Make him trust you with his family
•He lets you visit his parents without feeling anxious
•His parents treat him with kindness and softness
•Make his parents aware that you're good for him
•Make your parents aware that he’s good for you
•His parents accept you and your relationship without fear or anxiety
•Your parents accept him and your relationship without fear or anxiety
•Both of your parents allow you two to be together, live together
•Boyfriend lets go of resentment against parents

•Boyfriend is romantic and caring towards you

Heal Relationship With Boyfriend


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