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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel because it is too specific, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. This uses my stardust formula (the version of it I use for my paid requests, which is more detailed than the one on my channel)
Deep Attractive Sexy Voice
Forward Chin Projection
Be An Amazing Fighter
Good Defense Skills
Become An Amazing Swimmer
Body Heals Fast
Always Feel Energized & Motivated
Armpit & Butt Hair Falls Out & Stop Growing
Scalp Hair That Is Immune To Tangles
Remove Scars On Lips
immune From Undesired Pregnancy Encounters
Be Confident & Amazing When Making Out & During Sex
Be A Good Cook + People Love Your Cookings
Immune To Being Humilliated Or Made Fun Of
People Forget My Past Mistakes & Embarrassing Moments
All Grades + Past Grades Are A’s/100% Marks
Be A Smooth Talker + Great Flirting Skills
Be Everyone’s Favorite Person
Family Is Forever Healthy, Safe & Wealthy
Always Be Safe Everywhere I Go + Protection
Perfect Life In All Aspects & Have A Successful Career
Make 20K dollars Per Month
Become a powerful alpha male
Become an independent & strong man
Become classy, seductive & irresistible
Have a great self-esteem & feel confident in your own skin
Speak clearly & be comfortable in public & with other people
Be ambitious & go after what you want
Be dominant
Be respected by everyone
Have a good reputation
Make people want to be your friends
Be anyone's dream partner
Stablish good relationships & friendships.
Get a powerful posture & a seductive walk
Strong body language & eye contact
Get good fashion sense
Be handsome, masculine
Look dominating & strong
Always be extremely attractive
Perfect skull shape, proportion & size
Warrior skull
Flat &short occipital bone
Thick & strong neck
Smaller neurocranium relative to the splanchocranium
perfectly sized lower, mid & upper face
Perfect eyeshape that is attractive
Medial canthus perfectly downturned
Upturned eyeshape
Perfectly sized eyes
Hooded eyes
Extremely attractive eye arch shape.
Perfectly thick & dark eyebrows & eyelashes
Perfect attractive eye orbits that give you a beautiful eye shape
Vertically compact, projected, perfectly wide orbits
Lower eyelid that covers around 2 millimeters of the bottom of your iris
Deep set eyes that are well supported by your eye sockets
Perfecty elongated medial canthus
Release any excessive facial fat
Zygomatic bones that are attractive, perfect & well-positioned
Zygomatic bones that are well-proportioned & perfectly protuding
Zygomatic bones that are perfectly high & defined
Ogee Curve that is absolutely attractive, distinct & perfectly wide
Mid face & lower third face perfectly forward-grown + projected forward
Upward & Forward maxilla that is well proportioned, well positioned & attractive
Perfect attractive face shape
Perfect attractive facial bone structure that is perfect in width
Perfectly straight nose bridge
Lower third face bones that are gorgeous symmetrical, & well-proportioned
Release any excessive lower face fat
Concave philtrum that is perfectly sized
Perfectly sized attractive lips
Perfectly sized chin
Perfectly aligned straight teeth
Supraorbital ridge that is aligned in prominence to the chin
Strong & sharp supraorbital ridge
Slopped & short forehead
Perfect chin & supraorbital ridge projection
Perfect prominent & defined gonial angle 
Be perfectly masculine
Attractive hair
Thick dark eyebrows
Eye shape that most flatters your face
Attractive nose angles
Hollow cheeks
Chiseled defined jawline
Desired personality
Desired muscular build
Attract anyone you want
Straight white teeth
Most attractive amount of facial symmetry
be absolutely handsome & attractive
perfect balance between being cute, innocent & sexy/seductive
be the perfect embodiment of innocence/cuteness & seductiveness
be able to be cute & seductive at the same time
have a cute & seductive type of beauty & vibe
always feel like the most handsome person in the world
always feel & attractive & gorgeous
have a face with an innocent & seductive look to it
facial features, facial shape, width, length, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, nose, nose bridge, nose tip, nostrils, alar base, cheekbones, maxilla, philtrum, lips, cupid's bow, mandible, jawline, chin that make you look perfectly cute and seductive at the same time
be your desired amount of femininity & your desired amount of masculinity
perfectly toned firm body & muscles
body that is absolutely handsome & attractive
chest that is your most desired size perkiness and shape
waist & abdomen that is perfectly flat slim & lean
waist & abdomen that are perfect & have a six pack
arms that are perfectly toned & muscular toned & muscular
shoulders that your desired width & shape toned & muscular
toned, perfectly defined back
butt that is your most desired shape & size
butt muscles that are defined, firm & toned
thighs that are your perfect width
perfectly toned defined thighs & legs
private parts are exactly how you desire them to be
have a perfectly seductive, beautiful body
perfect defined sharp jawline
perfectly defined cheekbones
perfectly developed maxilla & mandible
experience the ultimate glow up
scalp hair that is absolutely beautiful & attractive
beautiful, attractive, thick hairline
be organized & productive
perfectly funny & kind towards others
be absolutely confident & self-assured
absolutely perfect, desired voice
voice that is the perfect mix between cuteness & sexiness
absolutely healthy & well functioning penis & reproductive system
all intimates parts to always be absolutely cleaned & hygienic
Healed & rejuvenated penis & reproductive system
Well-functioning immune system that protects you from STD's and reproductive system diseases
always be completely immune & protected from STD's and reproductive system diseases (please still use proper protection)
penis that always has a pleasuring good smell and taste
Perfect looking, ideal, gorgeous, attractive, beautiful penis
Penis that is your most ideal size, shape, length, width, girth
Perfectly big & thick penis
Foreskin, penis head, shaft, base, tetsicles & DNA that makes you have a beautifully shaped penis with your ideal size & thickness
Perfectly shaped & sized penis head, shaft, base & testicles
Perfect, healthy, youthful, gorgeous, clear & smooth penis skin
Absolute gratitude for your perfectly sized & shaped, healthy penis
Partners absolutely love your penis and compliment you on it
Perfect Body Joints
Immune From Getting Played & Robbed
Perfectly Fluent In English, French & Italian
Amazing Singer, Dancer & Gymnast 
Fill Up Bald Patches On Scalp
Immune To Male Pattern Baldness

"Ehioze" Male Body, Beauty + Life Combo


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