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This was a paid subliminal request that won't be uploaded to my channel as it is too specific for that, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This was made with by stardust formula (the version of it used in custom requests). 


if you are interested in getting a custom request, email me to


this subliminal focuses more on some traditionally masculine beauty features, but you can still use it regardless of gender and you can block those benefits if you don't desire them. The student affirmations will only apply to you if you are still a student. If you are not a student, you can still use this, you just won't have effects from the student related affirmations. 



- be an extremely great student 

- always get C grades and above

- always take exams in the first deadline

- ace every exam, assignment and test

- pass exams at first attempt effortlessly

- be extremely well organized and productive

- love studying and learning new things

- be able to use your time to study

- always learn everything quickly

- teachers tolerate you being absent from classes

- have a perfect attendance rate even if you are absent

- have your perfect ideal friend group in college

- be extremely funny and witty at will

- be permanently immune to bad sneeze smell

- have perfect level of enzymes

- have perfect masculine eyebrows

- beautiful, long eyebrows with long hairs

- big, strong, thick full eyebrows

- have perfectly positioned, dark eyebrows

- have an extremely healthy heart

- have ideal blood pressure

- perfect blood circulation

- perfect cardiovascular system

- stop caring about your height

- emotionally detached from your height

- be okay with your height regardless of what it is

- get rid of doubts, concerns and worries about height related manifestations

- manifest your desired height easily and effortlessly

- love yourself, your body and your height

- have big insights and epiphanies about life

- have big insights and epiphanies about reality

- become enlightened

- perfect, healthy scalp

"Deng" Beauty, Personality+Lifestyle Combo


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