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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This uses my stardust formula, which is my newest, most powerful formula.



- have a mature, loyal boyfriend

- boyfriend always acts in a mature way

- boyfriend that always treats you right

- boyfriend always takes you into consideration

- boyfriend cares for you and makes you a priority

- boyfriend focuses on you in a balanced

- have an absolutely healthy and stable self-concept

- have a healthy, balanced focus on  yourself

- put yourself on a pedestal (as in having high regard and respect for yourself, also helps with manifestation)

- boyfriend that is fully in love with you

- boyfriend that shows you his feelings for you

- boyfriend that communicates clearly with you

- boyfriend that is absolutely faithful

- boyfriend always thinks of you as the most beautiful and sexiest

- boyfriend that always thinks of you as the most loving person

- boyfriend enjoys being with you every day

- boyfriend sees you as his true love

- boyfriend takes relationship serious

- boyfriend is always honest and sincere

- boyfriend pays back anything he owes you (if anything)

- boyfriend always keeps his promises to you

Boyfriend Combo


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