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This subliminal was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel. 

This is my Barbara Palvin's Nose Subliminal, but with freckle affirmations as well. 



- small, thin, perfectly pointy, cute upturned nose that is absolutely gorgeous, attractive, alluring and sweet

- DNA that makes you have the same nose bones, cartilages and tissues as Barbara Palvin

- Exact same nose, nose bridge, nasion, alar base, nostrils, ala nasi, nostrils, nose root, glabella, nose tip, infratip break, supratip break, nose apex, columella, maxillary bone, tip defining points, rhinion (and many other nose bones and cartilages that mentioned in the affirmations) as Barbara Palvin

- Exact same nasolabial, nasal, nasofrontal, nasomental, columellar labial, nasofacial and mentocervical angles as Barbara Palvin

- Feel absolutely gratitude and love for having the same exact nose, nose cartilages, nose bones, nose tip, nose bridge, nose angles as Barbara Palvin - - Everybody loves and compliments you on your nose and on how the fact it is exactly the same as Barbara Palvin's nose

- have your most desired freckles

- have freckles that are your desired size, shape and color

 - have your desired amount of freckles

barbara palvin's nose + freckles


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