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this is a paid custom request that won't be uploaded publicly to my channel as it is too specific for that, but that you can now purchase here for a cheaper price than what it originally costed. This uses my stardust formula, the version of this formula that is exclusively used for custom requests. 


you can order your own custom request by emailing me to



- amazing, beautiful, sexy butt

- butt that is perfectly sculptured and toned

- butt that looks as if you had a brazillian butt lift procedure

- butt that is super round, bubble like and firm

- perfectly toned and developed butt muscles

- absolutely immune to any cellullite in any part of your body

- amazingly, beautiful, sexy long legs

- legs that are firm and well toned

- scalp hair is absolutely healthy, thick and full

- have beautiful 3A curly scalp hair

- immune to any type of grey scalp hair

- desired scalp hair color

- extremely fast hair growth

- extremely healthy body

- extremely healthy energy

- be absolutely protected from any negativity

- amazing high prominent cheekbones

- beautiful sculptured cheekbones

- cheekbones have a beautiful orgee curve

- model like cheekbones

- have an extremely beautiful, otherworldly face and beauty

- look eternally young no matter how old you are

- beautiful feline big long eyes

- beautiful neon green eye color

- perfectly thin calves 

- divine goddess beauty all over you

- beautiful 36F breasts

- extremely tiny waist

- absolutely immune to any type of hip dips

- smooth filled in round hips 

"Adriana" Beauty + Body Combo


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