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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here, if it matches what you desire. This uses my stardust formula.



-charming personality 

-magnetic personality 

-be naturally funny

-boost social skills and charisma 

-extremely intelligent 

-happy go lucky attitude, be positive

-be charismatic 

-become powerful and persuasive 

-inspire people

-be charming

-social magnetism

-body language analysis 

-psychological intuition

-magnetic friendship 

-be socially confident 

-incredible debate skills

-be a good public speaker

-become extremely attractive 

-attractive eye contact and facial expressions 

 -extremely great social skills

-understand people and the human psyche

-be good at reading people and body language

-effortlessly communicate with others

-effortlessly be able to keep conversations going for hours

-have interesting and funny stuff to talk about

-people to be interested in the conversations you have

-people will find you funny and hilarious, make people laugh

-social and emotional intelligence

-effortlessly build friendships, connections and romantic relationships

-effortlessly maintain and cultivate connections with others

-manifest any relationship (romantic or friendship wise)

-always have the right thing to say at the right moment

-know the right time to share stuff about yourself

-people always feel comfortable with and around you

-give good advice and be a good listener

-be completely comfortable with social situations and social interaction

-recognise your boundaries and limits and be respected 

-respect other people and their boundaries and limits

-effortlessly make others feel good about themselves, feel happy and confident

-radiate warmth and love

-be an excellent speaker and have a good speech

-be socially confident and charismatic

-extremely great jokes

Everyone finds you adorable and finds your personality cute

-have a good nature

-amiable, compassionate, caring, enthusiastic, forgiving, fun-loving, generous, genuine, honest, humble, imaginative, kind, loyal, lovable, optimistic, playful, sweet, sympathetic, witty, amusing, dreamy and pure

-energetic, clever, adaptable, quick learner, quick-witted, curious, expressive, communicative, sociable, thoughtful, outgoing, talkative, intellectual, versatile,adventurous, funny, humorous, talented, charming, eloquent, perceptive, open-minded, smart, affectionate, objective, flexible, vivacious

-meet new people

-make new friends

-good reputation

-be respected, adored and people care about you

-be interesting 

-be confident

-everyone notices you and knows about you

-everyone wants to be your friend

-know who your true friends are

-people always ask you out

-people always want to be around you and hang out with you

-people love your personality and always listen to what you have to say

-become more sociable and easily communicate with others.

-peak human intelligence

-use your brain more efficiently 

-high IQ

-incredible reasoning skills

-increase learning capacity



-hyper-accelerated thought process.

-understand things on a deep philosophical level

-reality perception

-intuitive precognition

-become intellectual

-natural leader

-extremely smart

-love learning new things  

-eloquent, fair, friendly

-focused, idealistic, intelligent 

-neat, organized

-passionate, patient

-practical, principled

-precise, rational

-resourceful, self-reliant

-emotionally stable

-ambitious, determined

-heal any type of anxiety

"Sunny" Personality + Life Combo


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