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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. It was made using my stardust formula, it is around 3 minutes long and has soothing water sounds.



- have the person you are in love with be in love with you, love you back, want to have a relationship with you, respect you, only have eyes for you and treat you well

- Be magnetic and charismatic to people

- Be an A+ student in and just have straight A’s

- Absorb knowledge easily and fast

- Retain all the information from classes easily and in long term

- Be a millionaire

- Manifest money effortlessly

- Be financially abundant through any means you desire

- Alpha Energy (Full confidence, "I don’t chase I attract attitude")

- Extreme weight loss

- Lose all the weight you desire

- Lose all excessive, unwanted weight

- Perfect, beautiful, attractive body and figure

- Have extreme beauty

- Have a tiny small nose

- perfect, clear and soft skin

- soft, silky, healthy scalp hair

"Riri" Beauty, Body + Life Combo


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