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This is a paid subliminal that won't be uploaded on my channel, but that you can now purchase here, if it fits your desires. This uses my stardust formula. 



-cure vaginismus forever 

-sexually confident 

-free from fear and anxiety  regarding sex

-release and heal  unpleasant/painful sex experiences 

-see sex as  enjoyable and painless 

-release fears and anxiety regarding sex

-perineal zone is easily relaxed 

-vagina is always dilated enough for a painless penetration/fingering 

-perfectly comfortable with my vagina 

-reach orgasm easily 

- immune to unwanted perineal contractions 

-healthy vagina

-vagina bears effortlessly and painlessly penetration 

- sex has always been always enjoyable and painless

-body and vagina accepts penetration effortlessly, easily, painlessly 

- big D cup breasts

- extremely big, huge, toned bubble butt 

- 0% buccal fat

"Nana" Body + Health Combo


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