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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This was made with my stardust formula, which is my most intense, powerful formula. All of these benefit have extremely detailed affirmations and, in total, has around 100k unique affirmations.

Promotion lasts until October 1st.



Perfect ethereal goddess like beauty

Rare outer worldly beauty

Exotic stunning beauty

Utmost beautiful, perfect, feminine angel skull

Positive canthal tilt

Sharp defined chiseled jawline

Very symmetrical face

Well developed maxilla

Defined and prominent gonial angle

120 degree gonial angle 

Forward-grown midface and lower third

Get rid of unwanted face fat

Proper tongue posture

High, defined, slightly convex cheekbones

Straight, perfectly aligned teeth

Have desired fangs

Perfect ideal oral health

Ultrafresh cool minty breath naturally

Small petite nose

Perfect, ideal ratio, flawless cgi-like nose

Perfect button nose

Upturned nose tip

Slim up turned nose

Narrow alar base

Taut submental region

Big feline eyes

Perfectly wide-set eyes

Elongated eye width

Upturned outer eye corners

Long, stretched, pinched outer eye corners

Sharp curved downward inner eye corners

Long eye length

Unclog, cleanse, shrink, erase skin pores

Flawless, airbrushed, concealed, bright under eyes

Eyelids and skin under and over eyes looks 100% 24/7/365 rejuvenated, youthful, tight, taut, firm, strong, durable, healthy, smooth, soft, airbrushed, bright, fresh, well-rested

Skin is angelic, ethereal, divine, and heavenly

Permanente look of concealer under eyes

CGI perfect skin

Permanently look of natural beautiful full coverage foundation

Skin always looks like you have the healthiest diet known to humankind

Flawless airbrushed skin

Glass skin

Perfect bright glowing skin

Perfectly tight, taut, firm youthful skin

Pores are not visible under any possible zoom

100% smooth, buttery, glassy, sleek, polished, silky skin texture at any possible condition

Remove melanin in skin

Light caramel colored skin tone

Pale/light skin

Thick long eyelashes

lashes are curled and naturally grow upwards

Dense upper and lower eyelashes

Supernaturally elongated 20 mm upper and lower eyelashes

Have  the exact appearance of black winged eyeliner on the upper eyelid

Thick dark eyebrows

Appearance of perfectly filled in eyebrows permanently

Permanently have cleaned up eyebrows

Eyebrows are naturally threaded and plucked 

Permanently naturally appear to have eyebrows that are filled in with ABH brow wiz pencil

Perfectly shaped eyebrows

Plump huge lips

Bee stung effect

Plump, pillowy lips

Inflated lips

Lips do not lose their volume throughout the day, 

Have permanent “morning” pouty lips

Top and bottom lip are equal in size

Rounded cupid’s bow

Always kissable, silky smooth, brighter and even-toned lips

Upturned, lifted lip corners

Soft, smooth, silky lips

Upper lip projects slightly more forward than lower lip

Moisturized, hydrated, nourished lips

Perfectly even-toned, bright pink lips

Have lips in your exact desired shade of pink

Horizontally short mouth

Curved, concave philtrum

1 mm philtrum

Upturned mouth corners

Best kisser in the world

Supernaturally vivid, bright, intense, striking light sea green eyes

Sparkly, shiny, glossy irises

Large round irises

Ideally light sea green eyes iris

Extremely clear and white scleras

Low iris melanin, instant iris melanin removal

Safe and ideal iris melanin ingestion and breakdown by lysosomal enzymes in lysosome

Melanin, pheomelanin lipochrome levels in the iris adjust to provide you with striking, mysterious, intense light sea green color

Utmost charming, alluring, hypnotizing, piercing, gorgeous, haunting, striking light Perfect bright multicolored sea green eyes

Thick dark limbal rings

Eliminate all melanin, eumelanin, pheomelanin, lipochrome from the iris

Melanocytes  in the iris stop producing melanin permanently

Glassy, gleaming, dreamy, bright, shiny perfect eyes

Excess collagen fiber deposits safely disappears from the stroma

Eyes get lighter at the speed of light

Bright vivid eye color

Mesmerizing hypnotizing eyes

unique one-of-a-kind eyes

irises reflect light beautifully, have specks of holographic glitter in your eyes like opal green stone

Igniting eyed with a mysterious, alluring enigmatic, captivating, breathtaking gaze


"Mel" Beauty Combo


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