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this is a subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. This was made using my stardust formula. 


If you want your own custom request, please email me to



- fully heal and get rid of any negative relationship patterns

- fully get rid of any limiting beliefs about relationships and love

- see love and relationships positively

- have a positive, amazing, stable self-concept

- have a positive, amazing self-concept when it comes to love and relationships

- attract good, worthy, attractive men

- always attract the ideal type of men

- fully immune to ever attracting bad unideal men

- find men who treat you right, who love you and take care of you

- find men who have their lives together and are emotionally mature

- receive an amazing marriage proposal from an amazing man

- be successfully engaged to the ideal perfect man for you

- manifest a husband that is your age or just a few years older

- manifest a husband that is rich and earns well

- manifest a husband who is career oriented but can balance his work and personal life perfectly and healthily

- manifest a husband who is kind, caring and forgiving

- manifest a husband who helps you become a better person and cheers you on

- manifest a husband who accepts who you are

- manifest a husband with a caring and kind family

- manifesta  husband who is tall, dark and good looking

"Mariora" - Relationship + Marriage Combo

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