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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it fits your desires. This is desired results only, so if you do not want/need something, you won't get it. 



- absolute self-love and self-confidence

- be a confident person

- talk, act and live confidently

- be the best public speaker ever

- feel good about yourself and everything around you

- always feel absolutely worthy of love, money, respect and success

- always feel safe, protected and supported

- deserve love, respect, money and success

- always feel good enough for yourself and others

- be proud of your own self

- family proud of you and respects you

- everyone respects you and loves you the way you are

- be everyone's favorite person

- everyone listens to you

- everyone enjoys being around you

- have your boss be proud of you and your work

- boss sees you as the best employee ever

- be the best copywriter ever

- be the the most creative genius person ever

- be the best ever

- deserve all the good things in this world

- be a creative person and copywriter

- extremely good strong amazing writing skills

- think of good creative ideas easily

- have the best creative thinking skills ever

- do the best research and presentations

- always come up with amazing concept ideas

- enjoy coming up with creative amazing headlines

- your ideas and writing can make the ordinary things sound interesting

- absolutely intelligent creative person

- make millions of dollars from your work

- People around the world love your work

- always come up with amazing ideas and solutions that other people can't

- always think outside the box

- get promoted constantly in your career

- absolutely irreplaceable in your job

- company always wants you to work with and for them 

- Everyone wants to read and watch what you write

- your words are emotional, powerful and inspirational

- always write the best scenarios, the best scripts and the best tweets

- everyone you meet easily likes you

- have a lot of followers, likes and retweets on Twitter

- any projects you work on end up being successful

- always constantly get a lot of promotions and job offers

- always get salary raises

- effortlessly let go of every negative situation or person in your life

- effortlessly let go of everything that might hold you back from love, success and happiness

- absolutely healed and loved inner child

- be absolutely healed

- fully believe that you can do and achieve whatever you want

"Luna" Lifestyle + Money Combo


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