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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here, if it fits what you desire.



- always be absolutely protected and safe

- always be physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically protected

- mind, body and soul always protected and safe

- surroundings that are always safe and protected

- house that is always absolutely safe and protected

- thoughts, emotions and aura is always protected and safe

- always surrounded by a powerful, unbreakable ball/sphere/shield of protective energy

- manifest a comfortable, safe, comforting house for you (it can be your current own if you desire)

- always feel safe and protected in your house

- house is always healing and relaxing for you

- feel safe to focus and concentrate in your own home

- always feel great and secure in your home

- feel free to do whatever I desire in my house

- feel free to stay for as long as you desire in your house

- place where you live improves your health greatly

- feel unconditionally happy in your home

- house that is fully cleansed, warded and protected

- house has beautiful, pure, positive energy

- house becomes the most perfect place for you

- manifest your desired house with everything you desire in it

- have the most beautiful house in the world

- house that is beautifully furnitured

- life always brings good, positive things to you

- always trust that everything works for you

- all areas of your life are always fully protected and safe

- feel deserving of everything of good and positive

- feel deserving of stable, secure things

- feel deserving of respect, money and self-love

House and Self Blessing + Protection


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