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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. It uses my stardust formula. Promotion available until September 30th
- have a magical and attractive goddess like beauty
- maximize your genetic level beauty by glowing up
- look forever young and ageless
- iconic goddess like beauty
- be completely irresistible to everyone
- ultimate ethereal, dreamy, fantasy beauty
- intense seductive powers and love magnet
- extremely mental and physical stability and security
- absolute health
- healthy spirit and mindset
- be a law of attraction master
- manifest anything you desire effortlessly
- Be in God state of mind
- absolute self-love and self-worth
- deserve anything you desire or better
- live your life in a magical way
- experience every moment with magic, soulfulness and happiness
- magical personality: respect, kindness, love, generosity and peacefulness
- magical and healing aura
- raise the frequency/vibration of your surroundings
- people feel loved, healed and peaceful around you all the time
- Extreme intelligence and wisdom
- extreme creativity and imagination
- learn any magical abilities you desire
- access your universal magical knowledge
- learn any ancient or new language you desire by only listening to it or reading it
- learn technology skills easily
- most attractive voice ever
- body that goes beyiond perfection
- become 5'7 in height
- most perfect weight
- heal all scars and stretch marks 
- hairless body
- get rid of dark spots
- smell like roses
- hypnotic, seductive naked body and breasts
- embody magic
- omnipsychic powers
- telepathy
- expand your consciousness
- omnitelekinetic powers
- psychic energy manipulation
- psychic vision
- psychic shield creation
- psychic hearing/clairaudience
- psychic touch
- psychic awareness and smelling
- higher dimensional communication
- unlock your mind potential
- develop all your psychic abilities safely
- unlimited/divine protection
- use abilities to improve society and world
- healing abilities
- heal people through thoughts and touch
- animal telepathy
- rainbow healing energy
- heal anything and everything, including nature
- energy from tree of life
- bless people's lives at will

Goddess Beauty Combo


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