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This was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, because it is too specific, in my opinion, to be posted there. This uses my stardust formula, the version of it that is used in subliminal requests. You will only get what you desire.

This has music as the sound. 



- be consistent with going to the gym

- be consistent with eating healthy effortlessly

- be able to healthily fast when you desire

- be able to maintain a healthy vegan diet

- be able to drink lots of water

- be able to go to zumba classes frequently

- be able to run in treadmill for 2 hours 6 times a week

- always see fast results in your body from diet and working out

- burn stomach fat quickly from diet and working out

- get slimmer arms and legs quickly from diet and working out

- get tonned legs from diet and working out

- have perfectly long legs

- be really great at kickboxing 

- be super athletic and energetic

- immune to any type of lazyness

"Farah" Healthy Lifestyle Combo

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