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This was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel publicly as it is too specific for the general audience, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses the version of my stardst formula that is specifically used in my paid requests.


you can get your own custom subliminal by emailing me on



you will only get what you desire

- live an amazing pinterest board worthy life

- have a luxurious, stylish, wealthy lifestyle

- enjoy every second of your lifestyle

- become a fashion model at the best model agency out there

- be the most talented model in this world

- get your driver's license easily and fast

- get your desired car 

- easily afford any car you desire

- manifest a white mercedes car

- get U.S. citizenship

- manifest a black iphone 13 with unlimited storage

- manifest all the phones you desire

- manifest your desired penthouse

- live in the best most luxurious penthouse

- you can easily afford any penthouse in this world

- be one of the most instagram famous people in the world

- have a big active following on instagram

- perfect emotional, physical and mental health

- be friends with all of your desired influencers and celebs

- have an extremely healthy lifestyle

- always eat healthily

- always enjoy healthy foods

- have the rihanna effect

- always smell majestically amazing

- attend your desired university

- get a full scholarship to UT Austin

- get your desired dorm roommates

- make lifelong friends at college

- have your desired body

- have a curvy body with big breasts and butt

- full thick thighs

- round full hips and butt

- always be extremely good at giving out advice

- have friends that are loyal, supportive, fashionable, fun loving with similar morals and interests

- manifest a boyfriend that is the perfect mix between suho and seojun from True Beauty in all aspects

- get a bachelor degree in CIS

- get a master degree in Finances

- work at big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla

- have an annual income of 1 million dollars

- income is always constantly increasing

- goddess like mental state/mindset

- goddess like emotional state

- goddess like appearance

- look like a goddess

- have the absolute beauty of a goddess

- perfect self-concept

- love yourself

- feel confident within yourself

- alpha female and femme fatale

- wife material vibes

- homie energy

- give off the vibes of doja cat songs

- give off the vibes of chase atlantic songs

- give off the vibe of slow and reversed songs

- give people vibes of their best most nostalgic childhood memories

- give off vibes from kali uchis songs

- give off the vibes from 067 from Squid Game

- give off the same vibes as Nanno

"Elyn" Beauty, Lifestyle + Relationship Combo


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