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This is a paid request that won't be uploaded to my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses my CX-111 formula, which is my most detailed formula to date. 



- beautiful light blue eyes

- eyes that are your desired shade of light blue

- DNA makes you have light blue eyes

- eye pigments and melanin make you have light blue eyes

- remove the most ideal amount of melanin from your eyes to make them light blue eyes

- eye iris is fully changed to display your desired light blue color

- eye iris stroma makes you have light blue eyes

- the light reflection in your eyes makes you have a light blue eye shade

- produce little eye melanin 

- have the exact DNA, genes, genetic traits, chromosomes, enzymes, genotypes, phenotypes, genetics, dominant and recessive genes, and traits that support light blue eyes

- light blue eyes that are healthy, attractive, beautiful, and charismatic

- Reduce iris epithelium level/Pigmentation to have the light blue eyes

- get brighter and lighter eyes every day.

- have perfectly healthy eyes

- have perfect 20/20 vision

- be able to see everything sharply and with great detail

- be able to see everything from far away and close to you

- eyes and eyesight are absolutely immune to any type of disease and deformation

- extremely healthy, youthful and well functioning eyes

- perfect eye cornea and retine

- perfect eye lens, macula and optic nerve

- perfect vitreous body, macula and conjunctiva

"Eline" Eye Combo


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