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This is a paid subliminal that I won't be posting on my channel publicly, but that you can now purchase here if you desire the benefits it includes. This uses my CX-111 formula. To know more about this formula:


if you desire to request your own subliminal, email me to with the list of your desired benefits. 



- permanently wire your brain to manifest money easily and quickly 

- always see, manifest and find opportunities to make money everywhere

- have a money-making mindset that always sees the lacks and needs in the market and is able to offer solutions to that problem that bring you prosperity and money

-  attract the money you desire and more effortlessly

- permanent money magnet mentality

- have the best relationship possible with money

- be in peace while thining about money

- money always flows into your bank all the time

- all the money you invest comes back to you 1000 times multiplied

- all the money you spend comes back to you 1000 times multiplied

- make a 5 figure income monthly without fail

- have a hard working trustworthy personal assistant

- have the best most hard working lawyer in the world

- have the best and most trustworthy accoutant

- have trustworthy people to run your businesses for you

- make thousands upon thousands of passive income

- always have free time to do all the things you desire

- make more than 20000 per month

- your money and possessions are always safe and protected

- your bank account is always safe and protected

- absolute immunity to bankruptcy or poverty

- always know how to manage your money

- release any resistance towards money

- always safe from being used/hurt for money

- absolute immunity to corruption

- always have multiple sources of income

- complete financial abundance and security

- manifest all of your desired clothes and accessories

"Dove" Money + Finances Subliminal Combo


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