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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel because it is too detailed, in my opinion, for that, but that you can now purchase here if it fits your desires. This was made with my stardust formula, the version of it I use for paid requests. You can also request me your own specific person subliminal. 



- manifest your specific person to be in a loving, committed monogamous relationship with you

- have your desired relationship with your specific person

- your specific person is only attracted to you and only has eyes for you

- your specific person loves you a lot and is in love with you

- have a goddess like aura and energy

- be absolutely beautiful, attractive and gorgeous

- have the beautiful face and look like an absolute goddess

- your specific person treats you like a goddess

- your specific person love syou a lot

- have an extremely attractive, magnetic aura

- have the power to attract your specific person just with a thought

- have the power to manifest your specific person just with your touch

- have an extremely strong solid and stable self-concept

- manifest only positive assumptions

- be a master manifestor

- know law of assumption

- manifest all of your desires instantly and quickly

- be absolutely immune to having limiting beliefs about love

- be immune to unhealthy attachments

- attract anyone you want

- constant communication with specific person

"Divina" Beauty + Love/Relationship Combo


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