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This is a paid request that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it fits your desires. This was made with my stardust formula. It has rain sounds and is around 5 minutes in length. 



- become the best student ever

- always get grades that are C+ and above

- always pass all your exams and assignments

- always do your exams and assignments in the first chance

- never postpone school/college work

- be absolutely productive and organized

- be absolutely intelligent

- excellent photographic and audiographic memory

- love and enjoy studying

- get along well with classmates and teachers

- teachers never care about your absences

- Miss classes as many times as you wish and always pass regardless

- sneezes that don't smell like anything

- never get bad smell when you sneeze

- perfect, ideal eyebrows

- eyebrows that are perfectly masculine, attractive and handsome

- eyebrows that are thick, perfectly long and on point

- eyebrows that are full, well shaped and sized

- every single eyebrow hair is perfectly long and firm

- dark, perfectly positioned eyebrows

- healthy, well-functioning heart

- healthy, well-functioning cardiovascular system

- healthy, well-functioning artheries and veins

- healthy, well functioning blood vessels

- healthy, perfect blood pressure

- blood pressure that is always at perfect levels

- healthy, optimal, well functioning party

- feel completely fine and neutral towards your height

- feel completely emotionally detached from your height

- always get big epiphanies and insights about life and reality

"Denpo" Eyebrows, Health, Lifestyle Combo


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