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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be uploaded on my channel as it is too detailed and specific for public use, but that you can now purchase here, if it matches your desires.

This uses my stardust formula.



This works if you already have a boyfriend or if you are trying to manifest one.


- manifest your desired boyfriend

- manifest your desired partner

- manifest the partner that is most ideal for you

- make your boyfriend the best version of himself possible

- manifest an amazing beautiful healthy loyal committed relationship

- – firmly believe in yourself

– know how to go with the flow

– lots of self confidence

– have a mindset of abundance

– boyfriend is always mature

– boyfriend is always responsible

– boyfriend always takes responsibility

– boyfriend cares about people

– boyfriend cares about you

– boyfriend keeps in mind your emotions, thoughts and desires

– boyfriend handles everything with maturity

– boyfriend knows how to take care of you

– boyfriend talks with you maturely

– boyfriend handles problems maturely

– strong, firm stable relationship

– boyfriend knows how to handle finances and house work

– boyfriend knows how to look after himself

– boyfriend is emotionally, physically, mentally and financially independent

– boyfriend lets go of grudges

– boyfriend always looks to be the bigger person

– boyfriend is always ready to find solutions to problems

– boyfriend is willing to put his ego aside

– boyfriend sees your pov

- boyfriend is super loyal towards you

- boyfriend is faithful

- boyfriend only has eyes for you

- boyfriend always tells the truth

- boyfriend is always honest with you

- boyfriend is immune to lying to you

- boyfriend knows how to cook, clean and do the laundry

- boyfriend always does acts of service for you

- boyfriend is tall and with a pretty body

- boyfriend loves you deeply and forever

- boyfriend commits to you 100%

- boyfriend has a pleasant personality

- boyfriend has a nice well paying job 

- boyfriend is healthy and happy

- boyfriend has his own house

"Daniela" Relationship Combo


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