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This is a paid subliminal made with my stardust formula that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. 



- Be 5'7 tall

- 34DD cup breasts

- flat/shrinked belly and abdomen regardless of what you eat

- immune to bloating from food or water

- unwanted body fat and any new desired body fat obtained goes to breasts

- have an extremely fast metabolism

- feeling super confident and stunningly sexy every moment in your body

- attract anyone you want instantly and easily

- Enjoy your body and enjoy sex completely

- elevating your status at your current workplace fastly and easily

- attract easy&low-stress job position that is amply rewarded and super high payed

- The less you work the more money you make

- Be charismatic and socially confident with an amazing speech

- Keep the relationship with your boss and coworkers safe, special and close

- privileged and promoted by your boss continuously

- Building positive and safe relationships with the influent people in your workplace

- Get promotions & raises every year

- Be successful and enjoy my job and workplace with no stress at all

- attract a caring, wealthy, generous, successful, funny and loyal man who provides my all I need and much more, emotionally and financially.

- happy and successful, feel safe and relaxed

- Get rid of anxiety

- Enjoy life totally.

"Candy" Beauty+ Life Combo


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