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This is a paid request that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it fits your desires. Length: 5 minutes. 



- big breathtaking eyes

- eyes that get prettier every single second that goes by

- mesmerizing, attractive gorgeous beautiful eyes

- all parts of your eyes make you have big breathtaking eyes

- all parts of your eyes are proportional to your big breathtaking eyes

- big breathtaking eyes that compliment all the other features

- absolutely photogenic and videogenic eyes

- have beautiful gorgeous almond shaped eyes

- have beautiful attractive double eyelids

- have big eyelid space

- have a perfectly high, deep eyelid crease

- firm, permanently secure eyelid crease

- perfect, youthful, clear, smooth eyelid, undereye and periorbital skin

- beautiful, gorgeous, shiny, thick, full eyelashes

- shimmering, bright, clear eyelids

- immune to any type of dark circles

- perfectly symmetrical eyes

- beautiful lower eyelids

- perfectly lifted youthful eyelids

- skin around eyes that is perfectly plump

- long, pointy inner eye corner

- pure white sclera

- have a beautiful honey eye color

- curly, lifted, long, dark eyelashes

"Camila" Eye Combo

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