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This subliminal was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if this is what you desire. This was made in my stardust formula, which is my most intense, powerful, detailed formula. This version is with rain sound.



- Have an absolutely successful business

- business that is fully protected from any bad intentioned people/evil eye

- family's businesses are fully protected from any type of envy and bad intentions

- Family is always fully protected from any type of envy and bad intentions

- You are always fully protected from any type of envy and bad intentions

- business that is always protected from scammers and robbers

- justice and karma always served when it comes to you and your business

- people are always fair and just towards you

- be completely immune to any type of lies, difamation and slander

- karma and the universe handle any type of bad thing that has been done to you, anyone who wishes or treats you negatively

- always have the reputation you deserve the most and that matches who you truly are deep inside

- reputation that is immune to any type of jealousy and lies from others

- reputation that can only be affected by real true facts

- aura and soul that radiates justice

- be completely protected from unhealthily jealous and malicious people, anyone who wants to frame you unfairly or lie about you

- any fake proof against you or anyone in this world is completely deleted and debunked forever

- any fake stories, fake accusations and fake rumours about you or anyone in this world are completely debunked

- forever be physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally protected from anyone with bad intentions and from any harm

- Develop a powerful protective shield that protects you from malevolent entities, negative energies, hexes, curses, black magick, psychic attacks, malicious intentions from people

- Protective shield that is able to protect your loved ones

- Protective shield that is stronger than any magick

- Destroy any curse or hex casted upon you 

- Reject all hexes and curses casted upon you

- Be impervious to any curse or hex

- Protective shield that is impervious to curses and hexes

- Universe and guardians protect you and your protecive shield

- You and your loved ones are completely safe, immune and protected from any negative energy, external and internal negativity, negative connections, negative intentions, negative people, harm, toxicity, external and internal negative thoughts and opinions, external and internal sickness, others’ negative emotions, negative external souls in your body and aura, possessions through and from other people, negative manipulations, negative implants, external and internal negative thought forms, negative emotional patterns, negative projections and talking, negative entities, curses, hexes, jinxes, negative attachments and influences, unwanted telepathic connections, negative situations, negative affirmations, frequencies and prayers, energy draining from entities or people, negative wishes, malicious influences, spiritual sexual abuse, psychic attacks, wars, power games

- effortlessly manifest lots of money through your business

- effortlessly manifest a big fortune through your business

- fortune is always fully protected and safe

- only ever attract good intentioned people into your life

- only attract positive, good intentioned clients into your business

- get rid of all enemies, adversaries, competitives, foes and attacks

- all of your assets and properties are absolutely protected and safe

- bank accounts are absolutely protected and safe

Business, Personal and Family Protection V.2


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