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This is a subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here. This uses my stardust formula.



- fully reach your potential

- always feel good enough

- always be successful

- release all your fears

- release fear of failure

- find success within yourself

- always move and push forward regardless of anything

- live your best life

- live your life to the fullest

- live in the present/in the now

- go with the flow and release resistance

- work for yourself 

- have a successful career

- win lots of money and be super rich

- absolutely love yourself

- make self-love your foundation

- feel fulfilled by your own self

- find the happiness within yourself

- feel attractive always

- manifest a life partner who loves you and respects you

- healthy, successful relationships

- have your desired house

- have a healthy, spiritual life

- be your best self and your true self

"Athar" Lifestyle Combo


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