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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it fits your desires. Everything listed in here is desired results, which means you will only get what you desire to get. 



- Look exactly like Barbara Palvin  // Barbara Palvin's Face CC

- Attract unlimited amounts of money, become a billionaire

- Have a unique singing voice, be an amazing singer and songwriter, become famous and known worldwide for your singing abilities, win awards, attend celebrity events, red carpets, become recognized, admired and appreciated by other celebrities

- Become a nurse, pass all qualification exams (NCLEX and in any other country, including my home country)

- easily find a job that suits you and pays well, master all nursing skills, be good at giving first aid

- Move to US, manifest moving to desired state, be accepted for a Visa, pass Visa interviews

- Slim face, have a body like Kylie Jenner's, F cup size breasts, heal stretch marks

- Have extremely and safely developed clairaudience.

- Become a medium, easily understand and interpret the information you receive from ghosts, spirits

- protection from violent, dark, evil entities, have psychic, prophetic dreams and visions

- manifestations (whether its' a written form of manifestation or an intention I consciously set) for other people always come true and in the fastest time frame and strictly in this lifetime and in the best, most divine way possible (with their permission to make it happen and when they have trouble manifesting for themselves)

- all spell work you do is enchanced and always work no matter what kind of spell you cast

- Sister becomes famous and well-known on social media and in real life for her amazing divination skills, becomes extremely psychic (excluding clairaudience), always gives accurate readings

- Mother only attracts positive things and experiences in life, have her desired life, manifest her being able to travel the world

- Father attracts fortune and wealth from positive sources

- Sister becomes a famous and well-known, social media and real life divination master, psychic, reiki healer and a spiritual master, easily does always accurate readings both online and in reality, her YouTube account blows up, effortlessly thinks of unique topics for her videos, she gets incredible amount of views, likes, shares, positive comments every time she posts a video or a post on any of her social media accounts, attract followers to her social media accounts, becomes known and famous on all social media accounts for amazing and accurate divination skills, she is the most accurate, interesting, sincere and unique divination master in the world, easily connects to higher realms, has a high psychic perception, always precise and direct answers from higher powers, has a huge income from her divination and spiritual services, makes endless amounts of money, has a lot of and always receives positive feedback from her clients, people give her divination job offers, safely and securely develops extreme claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance abilities and uses, controls these abilities at will

- Father attracts positive things, miracles, his biggest, sincere wishes into his life

- Mother only attracts positive things and experiences in life, have her desired life, manifest her being able to travel the world

- Father attracts fortune and wealth from positive sources

"Alma" Beauty, Body +Lifestyle Combo


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