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this was a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel due to it being too specific for a wider audience. If it matches your desires, you can purchase here it. This uses my stardust formula, however the version of it I only use in my paid requests.



Have the perfect pregnancy and delivery

enjoy your pregnancy

have the most beautiful baby

be healthy regardless of what you eat

never gain any excess weight

have the perfect body

recover the body of a VS model body after pregnancy in record time

be spoiled and loved and cherish

Be the perfect most beautiful mother

be calm and collected, wise, nurturing, sexy, funny, witted, talented and wealthy.

Have the perfect career

be a rich world known/celebrity therapist

earn more than 400€/session

have more sessions than you can attend

be an astrologist

be a tarot reader

be a painter, a writer, a singer and model

Everyday absolute glow up

be 177 cm tall

lose 50 kg after pregnancy (this weight is just an exaggeration)

have the most beautiful face, hair, body and personality ever.

Be mesmerizing, respected and looked up to

"Alesya" Pregnancy, Body, Beauty + Career Combo


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