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This is an exclusive subliminal that won't be made public on my channel, but that you can now puchase here. Promotion available until September 15th. 
This is made with my most powerful formula.
Thick full and symmetrical arched eyebrows

Green eyes

Thick long eyelashes

Plump heart shaped lips

Gradient red hydrated and moisturised lips

Healthy straight white teeth

Balanced skin oil production

Clear glass skin

Get rid of marionette lines

Get rid of double chin

Get rid of all flaws and imperfections ( all acne, blackheads, blemishes,  scars, moles, wrinkles, fat, etc)

Healthy thick 3a hair

Perfect hourglass figure ( bigger breast and butt with slender wasp waist, flat stomach, round wide hips)

Slim thick body

Toned body (arms, legs, abs, etc)

Small waist

Flat stomach & belly

Flawless even tan skin

Golden hue on skin

Grow bigger breasts (up to E cup)

Round, full, perky breast

Grow bigger butt

Perfectly perky heart shaped butt

Healthy oval shaped nails

Get rid of hip dips

Get rid of all body hair ( only keep eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp hair)

Get rid of cellulite

Burn and get rid of (unnecessary / not healthy) fat quickly

Flawless firm skin

Skin doesn’t age

Be youthful forever (face, body, looks, personality, aura, etc.)

Always in shape, no matter what you eat

Fast metabolism and digestion

Smell and taste like vanilla in every area of your body (even when sweating)

Attractive and seductive feminine body

Be photogenic and videogenic

3D beauty (pretty at every angle and every distance)

Attract wealth and money continuously

Make money easily

Be successful with anything

Supernaturally fast learner

Have business be successful easily

Have a luxurious, rich lifestyle  (abundance, wealth, high security protection, lot of houses, never broke or in debt, etc)

Be a celebrity / popular

Respected, adored, loved by everyone

Be eloquent and well-spoken

Perfect healthy mind & body

Extremely intelligent and perfect memory

Extremely lucky

All negativeness are all gone in seconds

"Adelaide" Beauty and Life Combo


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