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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel as it is too complex and specific for public use, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. This uses my old formula. 


You can ask for your own subliminal request by emailing me to



- manifest perfect and stable health

- be extremely healthy at all times

- become healthier and healthier every day

- always be healthy regardless of what you eat or drink

- be extremely wealthy and rich

- wealth that is always increasing constantly

- always have more and more wealth

- have lots of love in your life

- always manifest an abundance of love

- love that is everywhere in your life

- manifest your desired types of love into your life

- be extremely happy

- find truth happiness

- always choose to be happy 

- always feel happy regardless of anything

- happiness increases every second

- have a lot of self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence

- learn how to love yourself and feel confident in your own self

- have self-belief, self-value and self-acceptance

- accept, value and believe in yourself no matter what

- heal any type of negativity forever

- heal any type of traumas forever

- heal any type of pain and unhealthy attachments forever

- have infinite success, abundance and financial wealth

- money always comes to you

- all investments you make always turn out profitable and rewarding

- any money spent comes back 10x more to you

- maintain the habit of going to the gym

- always have motivation to work out and train

- always take care of your body

- have a symmetrical face and jawline

- be mentally and physically healthy

- have a perfectly harmonious and balanced body

- have a healthy diet and eating habits

- be an extremely intelligent investor

- be an overchiever in every task you do

- be extremely intelligent with photographic memory

- have an absolutely high IQ

- be extremely charismatic

- be naturally confident

- be able to fast read anything and comprehend it

- be perfect and a genius at technical analysis

- concentrate and focus on your tasks

- be able to make complex calculations

- have a fast thought process

- be extremely creative

- be extremey original and unique

- have unique and original ideas

- be a quick learner

- always apply easily what you learn

- consistent in all aspects of life

- be an expert at mindfulness

- be booksmart, charismatic and rich

- always calm under pressure

- be limitless and a high value man

- always attract good rich customers

- be an extremely successful business owner

- always win all negotiations

- be an excellent negotiator

- be extremely persuasive

- successfully help others make money

- easily make sells

- attract big magazines that recommend your businesses

- be extremely efficient, productive and hardworking

- be adored, cared for and respected

- be charming, charismatic and persuasive

- be a body language reading expert

- be extremely interesting to other people

- be healthily sociable with others

- know how to communicate with other people

- have an extremey high and positive vibration

- only attract pure, good, genuine honest people

- have consistently good positive self-talk

- always triple your investments

- always have success with money investments

- be a law of attraction/assumption master

- be a manifestation master

- manifest any relationship you desire

- radiate warmth and love

- excellent speaker

- have good speech skills

- live in the present moment

- be extremely lucky in a positive way

- lucky in life, success and investments

- always in the right place at the right time

- bring perfect results to your clients

- consistent stable abundance mindset

- have an extremely good high income

- have an incredible high cash flow

- have intuitive precognition

- read people's energy and intentions easily

- find people's desires easily

- induce pleasure in anyone at will

- manifest what you want daily and instantly

- be patient and focused on your purpose

- perfect masculine traits and features

- facial features are handsome and masculine

- always be at peace

- be loved by everyone

- always in abundance

- always positive, grateful and humble



"Fahrid" Beauty, Body, Life, Health + Money Combo


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