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This was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This is meant to give you a strong irresistible aura, help you attract women and the beauty combo is inspired by my extreme male beauty subliminal, but those benefits were completely rewritten with my stardust formula and new ones were added as well. 



- have a strong Irresistible aura

- your energy attracts and seduces women

- effortlessly attract women

- attract every woman you desire

- high confidence and self-esteem

- be confident enough to approach women

- always know how to keep a conversation going with women

- every woman finds you super attractive

- women always want to be with you

- always treat women with respect and consideration

- always be interesting to women

- always act mindfully and thoughtfully towards women

- women think of you as a gentleman

- women are naturally drawn to you wherever you go

- manifest gorgeous and good women into your life

-  healthy, full thick scalp hair that covers your full head

- have a full thick beard

- get rid of grey hair in your beard and scalp

- your hair color pigment stays youthful

- be extremely handsome and masculine

- look dominant and strong

- perfect skull shape, proportion and size

- warrior skull

- flat and short occipital bone

- thick and strong neck

- smaller neurocranium relative to the splanchocranium

- perfectly sized lower, mid and upper face

- Perfect eyeshape that is attractive

- Medial canthus perfectly downturned

- Upturned eyeshape

- Perfectly sized eyes

- Hooded eyes

- Extremely attractive eye arch shape

- Perfectly thick and dark eyebrows and eyelashes

- Perfect attractive eye orbits that give you a beautiful eye shape

- Vertically compact, projected, perfectly wide orbits

- Lower eyelid that covers around 2 millimeters of the bottom of your iris

- Deep set eyes that are well supported by your eye sockets

- Perfecty elongated medial canthus

- Release any excessive facial fat

- Zygomatic bones that are attractive, perfect and well-positioned

- Zygomatic bones that are well-proportioned and perfectly protuding

- Zygomatic bones that are perfectly high and defined

- Ogee Curve that is absolutely attractive, distinct and perfectly wide

- Mid face and lower third face perfectly forward-grown

- Mid face perfectly projected forward

- Upward and Forward maxilla that is well proportioned in size and shape, well positioned and extremely attractive

- Perfect attractive face shape

- Perfect attractive facial bone structure that is perfect in width

- Upturned nose with 90º nasolabial angle + 115º nasofrontal angle

- Perfectly straight nose bridge

- Lower third face bones that are gorgeous, symmetrical, and well-proportioned

- Release any excessive lower face fat

- Concave philtrum that is perfectly sized

- Perfectly sized attractive lips

- Perfectly sized chin

- Perfectly aligned straight teeth

- Supraorbital ridge that is aligned in prominence to the chin

- Strong and sharp supraorbital ridge

- Slopped and short forehead

- Perfect chin and supraorbital ridge projection

- Perfect, prominent and defined gonial angle

- Gonial angle that has a perfect 120º angle

- Perfect dental occlusion

- Submental region tight to neck with a angle of appox. 90º

- Perfectly taut submental region

- Release excessive chin fat

- Perfect hyoid bone that is well proportionated and perfectly high

- Correct tongue, head and body posture

- The correct tongue, body and head posture as natural postures for you

- Always chew and swallow food correctly

- Always breathe correctly and through your nose

- Always sleep with your mouth closed

- Be extremely photogenic and videogenic

- Stunning attractive side profile

- Front face that is extremely stunning

- Perfectly symmetrical face with facial features that compliment and are in harmony with each other

- Healthy self esteem and self-love

- Accept yourself

- Attractive laugh and smile

- Facial expressions that are always attractive



"lawrence" strong irresistible aura + extreme male beauty combo

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