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This was a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it is what you desire. This uses my stardust formula. This is fully unisex.



- get rid of all negative thoughts

- fully released any negative thoughts forever

- always have positive thoughts

- never feed or give power to negative thoughts

- release and heal any doubts

- easily stop giving attention to doubts, fears and insecurities

- step into your power and leave doubts, fears and insecurities powerless

- be able to manifest anything and everything you want in your life

- always get what you desire in life

- be a money magnet

- always have a lot of financial abundance

- money keeps coming to you

- money loves you and wants to be with you

-be extremely rich, wealthy and well off

- your whole life is successful

- be successful and lucky in every life area

- have a beautiful muscular body

- body muscles are toned and strong

- all desired muscles in your body are strong

- all your desired body parts are muscular

- always have extremely fulfilling relationships

- successful fulfilling career

"Keera" Body, Money + Life

€ 11,11Prijs

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