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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel but that you can now get it here if it matches what you desire. This uses my stardust formula. This is based on my social skills subliminals and on my singing career subliminal. This is not a bundle of them, but rather both of them rewritten and together in one. If you are using both of those subliminals you can replace them by this one if you wish.



- Extremely great social skills

- Understand people and the human psyche

- Be good at reading people and body language

- Effortlessly communicate with others

- Effortlessly be able to keep conversations going for hours

- Have interesting and funny stuff to talk about

- People are always interested in the conversations you have

- People will find you funny and hilarious, make people laugh

- Social and emotional intelligence

- Effortlessly build friendships, connections and romantic relationships

- Effortlessly maintain and cultivate connections with others

- Manifest any relationship (romantic or friendship wise)

- Always have the right thing to say at the right moment

- Know the right time to share stuff about yourself

- People always feel comfortable with and around you

- Give good advice and be a good listener

- Be completely comfortable with social situations and social interaction

- Recognize your boundaries and limits and be respected

- Respect other people and their boundaries and limits

- Effortlessly make others feel good about themselves, feel happy and confident

- Radiate warmth and love

- Be an excellent speaker and have a good speech

- Be socially confident and charismatic

- Extremely great jokes

- Be extremely internationally famous

- Long lasting successful singing career

- Be a musical genius

- Beautiful unique mesmerizing jaw-dropping singing voice

- Extremely powerful singing voice

- Everyone loves your voice and songs

- Amazing beautiful natural and effortless singing technique and skills

- Effortlessly and perfectly sing/hit/hold any high note and any low note

- Perfectly and effortlessly change pitch and range while singing

- Effortlessly and perfectly control and balance airflow while singing

- Absolutely wide vocal range

- Perfectly and effortlessly sing perfect runs and riffs

- Amazing singing rhythm

- Perfectly opened throat while singing

- Absolutely perfect whistle register

- Beautiful unique mesmerizing timbre, vibrato and vocal resonance

- Perfect and effortless, beautiful amazing vocal belting, vocal weight, vocal tessitura, transition points and voice texture

- Amazing vocal warm-ups

- Effortlessly sing any music genre

- Effortlessly replicate anybody’s singing voice

- Always be able to sing any song effortlessly and perfectly

- Voice and throat that is always in great health and condition

- Extreme singing confidence

- Heal stage fright forever

- Be extremely comfortable and confident with public singing, being the center of attention, public speaking, in front of cameras, being filmed, photographed, being on stage

- Easily express feelings through singing

- Everybody feels the emotions in your singing

- Memorize lyrics and songs quickly

- Be extremely audiogenic (your voice sounds beautiful even when recording)

- Be extremely photogenic and videogenic

- Get extremely amazing singing opportunities and record deals

- Be signed with an extremely good and trustworthy music label

- Get a manager that is amazing, honest, successful and hardworking

- Be an amazing song writer with beautiful emotional original lyrics

- Have amazing songwriters and song composers working with you

- Extreme creativity

- Every song you release is an absolute hit and is always on top charts, including Billiboard

- Songs that are always played on radio and on MTV hits

- Songs that are extremely catchy

- Perfect song melodies, verses, bridges and chorus

- Extremely successful albums and music videos

- Have an amazing recording studio

- Collaborate with your fave singers and musicians

- Your fave artists want to collab with you

- Be respected and well treated in and by the music industry

- Always be nominated for awards and win them

- Gain millions of followers in social media

- Always win singing contests

- Perfect headshots and resumes

- family supports you

"Graatsia" Social Skills + Singing Career Combo


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