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this is a paid request that won't be posted publicly on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses my stardust formula. The person who originally requested this fully got their snoring cured. 



- always sleep well and peacefully

- always sleep quietly 

- never make noise sleeping

- be immune to any type of snoring while sleeping

- always sleep calmly

- always breathe clearly while sleeping

- airways are always unblocked while sleeping

- always breathe normally and well while sleeping

- respiratory related muscles are always well functioning

- respiratory related muscles are always healthy

- respiratory related organs are always well functioning and healthy

- respiratory system works perfectly and optimally while you sleep

- tongue is always in the perfect resting position when you sleep

- always take quiet breaths while sleeping

"cataleya" peaceful sleep combo

€ 9,99Prijs

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