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This is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel bujt that you can now purchase here. This was made with my stardust formula. 



- large round bubble butt

- immune to hip dips

- lifted firm toned butt

- extremely slim waist

- heavy toned thighs and calves

- butt and anxs area fully hairless

- butt immune to skin tags

- muscular calves and thighs

- perfect, big and healthy p3n1s

- 10 inches long p3n1s when hard

- 7 inches long p3n1s when flacid

- 7 inches p3n1s girth/circumference

- big p3n1s head

- testicles that produce healthy fertile semen

- testicles that produce good amounts of semen

- extremely high testerostone levels

- good blood flow in the p3n1s

- have good timing and stamina

- always be able to have long lasting hard erections

- completely be immune to erectile dysfunction

"Alber" Male Body Combo

€ 14,44Prijs

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