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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel publicly but that you can now purchase here if it matches what you desire. This uses my CX



- have perky big breasts

- have beautiful symmetrical breasts

- breasts are a DD cup size

- have a beautiful small waist

- have a flat abdomen and belly

- be completely immune to any type of love handles

- have your desired body shape

- have beautiful long hair

- head hair that is constantly growing

- flawless, perfect clear skin

- skin is soft and smooth always

- face and body are immune to hyper and hypopigmentation

- be completely immune to any type of stretch marks

- have your desired relationship and love life

- have the best relationship ever in the world

- have extremely perfect health

- all your family members are healthy

- be and feel beautiful

- be and feel loved

- turn negative thoughts into positive ones

- always win every lottery you play in

- always win prizes from scratch off lottery tickets

- money always comes oto you

- constantly receive and make money

- receive money from multiple sources daily

- your money multiplies constantly

- everything always works out for you

- manifest everything you desire always in 3 days or less

- always get what you desire

- manifest your desires easily

- have a healthy pleasing sex life

- easily orgasm through penetration

- easily orgasm through clitoral stimulation

- extremely sensitive g spot

- extremely tight vagina

- have a beautiful and hairless vulva

- vagina is easily lubricated

"magaly" beauty, body + life combo


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