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this is a paid subliminal request that won't be posted on my channel, but that can now be purchased here if it matches what you desire. This uses my cx-111 formula. Ignore the file name being different from the display name, it is still the same file <3



- have your akashic records completely sealed, safe and protected

- always be safe and protected from negative spells, curses and hexes

- no spells or magic can ever affect you

- have your akashic records protected from spells and magic

- shared and collective akasha you're part of are sealed and protected

- any stipulations that allow spellwork, curses or any negative energy to continue are returned to the sender

- your akasha is returned to its original and purest state

- your akasha is returned to all its gifts, blessings and purposes

- any work done on your akasha is pulled out from it, cleared and returned to sender and all involved 900 billion times fold

- know what to do to clear any debts in your akasha and be able to successfully accomplish that

- nothing can be added to your akasha to create falsehood

- your akasha is fully protected and safe

- the karma of your federation never affects you if you're innocent

"boanam" akashic record clearing combo


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