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This is a paid subliminal that won't be uploaded to my channel but that you can now purchase here. This was made with my stardust formula.  The name in the file is different from the name displayed, but the audio is 100% correct.



- have beautiful smooth clear skin

- skin is always perfect and flawless

- skin is always healthy and soft

- skin is always moisturized and hydrated

- makeup always looks perfect and flawless

- do your makeup beautifully always

- makeup always matches your face

- makeup always enhances your beauty

- attract lots of male attention

-attract all the men you desire

- be a male magnet effortlessly

- be a love magnet effortlessly

- guys always want to be in a committed relationship with you

- guys always make it official with you

- always pass all of your exams

- have the highest grades in the world

- always pass all of your classes

- have a lot of career progress

- have a successful career and job

- your career is always improving

- have a positive financial outlook

- always have stable abundant finances

- be extremely talented at kissing

- kissing skills are fully mastered

- be extremely good in bed

- always be talented in bed

- have an extremely slim tiny waist

- have an extremely slim abdomen

- have a big toned peachy butt

"Yasemin" Beauty, Body + Life Combo


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