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this is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel publicly, but that you can now purchase here at a lower price if it fits your desires. This uses my stardust formula, the version of it that is used in my paid subliminals. 

This subliminal is unisex.


to order your own custom subliminal, please email me to



- go to the gym often

- always be motivated to go to the gym

- always take good care of your body

- always form healthy good habits

- be extremely intelligent

- love reading books

- love listening to audiobooks

- enjoy reading psychology and sales related books

- be financially independence

- have a lot of financial abundance and prosperity

- be able to help others with your wealth and money

- have a business with consistent and stable revenue

- be charismatic and charming

- be extremely persuasive

- have lots of self-love

- attract good people around you

- be a manifestation master

- people always notice you when you enter a room

- be grateful for what you have

- be extremely happy and satisfied

- be passionate about life

- be a positive person

- be aligned to the things you want

- high vibration

- attract multiple clients daily

- get million dollars per month

- have an extremely successful business

- successfully help other businesses and people amke money

- people recommend and promote your business

- always motivated and productive

- be respected and adored by others

- body language analysis

- be interesting and confident

- always give a goof first impression

- be more social and communicative

- speed reading skills

- hypercognition and creativity

- people give you money

- all the money you spend comes back multiplied

- attract good opportunities

"Oksana" Health, Money, Personality + Life Combo

€ 9,99मूल्य

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