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This is a paid subliminal that won't be posted on my channel, but that you can now purchase here if it matches your desires. This uses my angel's touch formula. 



- beautiful straight scalp hair

- every single component of your hair makes it straight

- have hair as straight as you desire

- hair follicles are perfectly round shaped for straight hair

- scalp hair always grows in perfectly straight

- DNA makes you have straight hair

- your hair produces straight hair fibers

- your hair is just naturally straighten

- your straight hair is healthy and smooth

- your skin is perfectly light and pale

- have beautiful pale skin

- your skin pigment makes you have pale skin

- skin melanin makes you have pale skin

- DNA makes you have pale skin

- pale skin that is immune to tanning

- pale skin that naturally has spf 

- your pale skin is fully clear and perfect

- your pale skin is immune to skin damage

- have beautiful green eyes

- have your desired shade of green eyes

- your eye melanin makes you have green eyes

- your eye light absorption/reflection makes you have green eyes

- your DNA makes you have beautiful green eyes

- your green eyes look amazingly beautiful with your pale skin

-  your green eyes are shiny and vibrant

"Meliha" Straight Hair, Pale Skin + Green Eyes Combo


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